service rifle
Service Rifle
Monday Evening throughout the summer 6.00-6.30pm start.

Most of us with an FAC own or have at least shot a service rifle of some description at one time or another .Monday evenings during the summer is a great opportunity to test yourself with an old warhorse.

The course of fire is fairly simple, so all you have worry about is hitting the target .We put down 30 shots in 2 sets of 15 with no time limit. The target is a reduced figure 11 advancing man (no PC here) which looks the same size as a standard figure 11 at 200 yards. Just to make it interesting all shots are taken standing unsupported. Scoring , potentially 300 points can be scored. But as the 10 on the target is impossible to see at 50m, getting all your shots on target is an achievement as much as getting a 10.

The rifles must be as issued, so nice heavy triggers. Only iron sights. Lee Enfield's, Mauser's and P14's are all being used . There is no restriction on ammunition, factory military surplus and home loads can all be used.

Anyone interested , please come along. For further information see Allan littlefair. The Club gun and ammunition are available on request.