join the club

The procedure to become member of the club is quite straightforward:-

  1. Firstly, download a Membership Form, print, complete and return it to me along with the appropriate Club subscription and joining fee as defined below to the address on the form. I also need four standard passport sized photographs at this time. These will be used to make your club badges. I will send you a Club information pack.
  2. I will then send reference forms to the two referees that you specify in your Application Form. Once the reference forms are received back, you will be requested to attend an informal interview session with three members of the Committee. This interview is normally held at the range on the second Sunday morning of each month.
  3. On satisfactory completion of the interview procedure, you will be accepted as a probationary member. As a probationary member, you will have to carry out ten supervised shoots over a minimum period of three month. The dates of these shoots are recorded on a record card.
  4. Once the record card is complete, your details go before the full Committee for consideration to be accepted as a full member. Once accepted, you will be free to apply to the police for an FAC if you so wish.

The individual annual club subscription is currently 75.00. All Subscription fees fall due on the 31st December of each year. The club will do it's best to remind members that the Subscriptions are due, however it is the responsibility of the individual member to pay on time.

The joining fee is only payable when you first join or if you allow your membership to lapse.

If you join during the year, use the table on the Membership Form calculate your Club subscription.