range safety

We are proud of our safety record here at CGC and continually looking at ways to build and improve on this. Regardless of whether you are a member of the club or visitor to our range we want you to leave in the same state of health that you arrived in.

The following range commands and rules list are subject to alteration as and when situations dictate, please read and check for any updates.

The only rules that are written in stone and will not change are the following:-

The Range officer has complete control of the range whilst it is deemed to be open and has the full backing of the CGC committee to remove anyone whom he/she feels to be infringing range safety rules. Regardless of who you are, nobody is exempt from this.

The Range Officers decisions are final.

  Range Limits:
    Maximum Calibre: .455
    Maximum Energy: 3275 Ft/Lbs

 Range Commands  

These range commands are predominantly designed for use on the Full-bore 50m range, however they are also in use on the airgun ranges. Range commands for specific events or competitions will be posted by section heads or competition organisers / range officers.

 Range commands for 50m Full-bore range 
R O Command (Note 'STOP' command)  Result 
"Cease Fire, Guns on the bench"
NB. Anyone may use this command if they think the range is not safe
(Before a 'Cease Fire' a RO may warn with '1 minute to end of detail')
Gun put down immediately. Shooter unloads Clear chamber. Remove mag. if needed to prove empty. Bolt or slide back.
"Show clear" Shooter shows Breech Open, bolt, slide pulled back and/or cylinder open then Stands back and leaves gun on bench
"Guns clear, Go forward" Move in front of bench to change targets. When anyone is in front of the bench NO ONE TOUCHES ANY GUN ON THE BENCH
"Range clear, commence firing" Step up to bench. Pick up gun, and commence shooting

NB Anyone may use this if they there is anyone in front of the point.
Guns lowered and pointed DOWN in front of bench - finger OFF trigger.. Do not unload. Await instruction from RO. If preparing to shoot and not already handling gun, step back from bench

 Range commands for Airgun ranges 
R O Command (Note 'STOP' command)  Result 
"Cease Fire, Guns on the bench"
NB. Anyone may use this command if they think the range is not safe
(Before a 'Cease Fire' a RO may warn with '1 minute to end of detail')
Gun put down immediately. Shooter unloads or fires into ground in front of bench, safely, if pellet cannot be removed. Remove mag.
"Show clear" Break barrel or under leaver Open, slide pulled back and/or cylinder open All Stand back and leave gun on bench
"Guns clear, Go forward" Move in front of bench to change targets. When anyone is in front of the bench NO ONE TOUCHES ANY GUN ON THE BENCH
"Range clear, commence firing" Step up to bench. Pick up gun, and commence shooting

NB Anyone
may use this if they there is anyone in front of the point.
Guns pointed DOWN in front of bench - finger OFF trigger. NOW! DO NOT fire. Emergency!
 General Range Rules  
  1. The orders of the RO, or designated Assistant (Point officer) must be obeyed at all times. The Range Commands must always be used.
  2. Adequate Ear and Eye protection should be worn whilst live firing is in progress.
  3. Only rifles pistols and shotguns of approved type and having acceptable proofing, together with appropriate ammunition, will be allowed.
  4. The range officers (RO) have the authority to ban any weapon or ammunition on the range if they consider them to be either unsafe or inappropriate.
  5. In the event of a gun becoming damaged after being discharged and/or a third party/s becoming injured, the range officer has the power to instruct the owner of the gun to take it with all ammunition and powder as relevant to a RFD of the ROs choice for safekeeping until any or all of the required tests have been carried out on the said gun and ammunition in line with the Club's Insurers requirements. The owner of the gun will cede all his rights in the gun and ammunition until the matter has been satisfactorily resolved The RO and the owner will both immediately make written statements as to what occurred and forward them without delay to the Club's Secretary.
  6. Shooting may take place only when the range is safe and all flags are flying correctly in their allotted places.
  7. In the interests of safety, there must be a Committee approved RO present together with at least one other person before shooting may take place.
  8. The RO will appoint assistant/s as required to run the Firing Point and/or other duties, including the butts at Long Ranges.
  9. These Point Officers are in complete charge of the proceedings under the RO
  10. Nobody will advance forward of the Firing Point unless authorised by the RO or, in his absence, a Point Officer.
  11. Any person pointing a gun at another person or persons in any circumstances whatsoever and whether loaded or otherwise, or being found guilty of any practice which, in the opinion of the Committee, is either dangerous or reckless, after consideration of the report from the RO of the day, will be liable to expulsion from the Club under rule 11 of the Constitution.
  12. Members are reminded it is an offence to carry any firearm exposed in any public place, without authority. Probationary members and those not having a FAC are further reminded it is a serious offence to remove firearms and/or ammunition from the range.
  13. On range precincts, all firearms will be kept unloaded with their actions open at all times except when on the Firing Point(see rule 14a and 14b) or they are properly stowed within their carrying cases or other receptacle for transport.
    1. At the Firing Point no gun will be touched or loaded during a 'Cease Fire'.
    2. Guns must be handled and/or loaded only after the RO has so advised for resumption of shooting, or has given specific permission.
    3. Members wishing to demonstrate show or coach with an unloaded gun must take the same to the Fumble Zone, designated on all ranges by usage.
  14. On the command 'Cease Fire', all guns will be unloaded immediately and placed with actions open on the bench or other support at Long Range, and with their muzzles pointing towards the targets.
  15. Should there be any cause for shooting to be interrupted on any range for any reason, the call 'Cease Fire' by anyone will be obeyed immediately and the weapon made safe as in rule 13 above.
  16. Any member or spectator seeing that the range is not safe, and there is immediate danger may call STOP STOP STOP and have the same authority as the RO. In the event of STOP STOP STOP being called all shooters on the Firing Pont will point their guns to the ground in front of the bench, take their fingers off the trigger and, holding the gun steady, and wait for the RO's next command.
  17. During a match and when probationary members are being instructed should there be a 'Jam' or other stoppage with either gun or target, the shooter will raise his disengaged arm to attract the attention of the RO who will deal with the matter according to the appropriate rules.
  18. When a match is in progress or members are shooting league targets, all others will have the courtesy to observe reasonable silence to avoid any distraction, and will assist the RO in ensuring that only the permitted number of shooters and others on the firing point are all standing well back from the Point.
  19. The committee impresses on members that it is one of the conditions of their membership that they should help maintain a tidy range, with particular care being taken to avoid leaving any live ammunition unaccounted for. All dangerous and potentially dangerous rubbish which may be found shall be the responsibility of the finder to remove.
  20. Competitive shooting will always be carried out in accordance with the rules of the NRA or other properly constituted body as relevant and as may be modified by local range conditions.
  21. During practice sessions only the duration of details on the Firing Point will be decided by the RO in charge of the Point in conference with shooters on the detail and any waiting to shoot. Thus any member may ask for a 'Cease Fire' in order to put up or retrieve such a target or targets.
  22. Other than special competitions arranged from time to time, all shooting will be carried out from behind the benches or tables provided at 25 or 50 metres and from the regular positions at Long Range.
  23. Until a probationary member has satisfied the rules laid down in Rule 25 of the Constitution, he will be required to be supervised by a Club coach or authorised club member at all times, in the interests of safety, and will comply with all instructions given by the said supervisor.
  24. Those wishing to shoot special targets and/or rifles/pistols on any practice detail must first consult the RO as to the position they occupy.
  25. At Long Range meetings, the Butt parties will not vacate their positions until the Butts officer for the time being has communicated with the Firing Point in order to ascertain that it is safe to leave and so informs his party, raising the Red Flag before doing so.
  26. The range is not safe until there is properly co-ordinated communication between the Butt and Firing Point at Long Range.
  27. Both Butt and Firing Point officers may separately call for 'Cease Fire' without consultation should the need arise.
  28. All ROs will endeavour to give following details ample warning so they may prepare for their own detail.
  29. Details vacating the Firing Point will do so as quickly as possible and with the minimum disturbance to others
  30. Coaches and supervisors may only supervise one probationer at any one time.
  31. The rules applying to any discipline will be clearly explained to each detail before their match begins.
  32. Except as provided for by the RO and unless 'Cease Fire' is in force, no shooter may approach the Firing Point without permission of the RO or leave it without gun clearance by the RO.
  33. Spectators at Christchurch are expected to keep well to the rear of the Firing Point and well behind the elevated Firing Point banking at Long Range or MOD ranges.
  34. Coaching during matches of all kinds will, at the sole discretion of the RO, only be allowed on a supervisory basis with probationary members, to comply with Safety standards.
  35. The names of the Range officials during open or invitation matches will be clearly published on the notice board as well as on the advance notices sent to applicant competitors which will also advertise the Match Rules. Competitors should be left in no doubt as to which rules govern the shoot.

Amendments-------non at present
May we take this opportunity to wish you a safe and enjoyable shooting experience with
Christchurch Gun Club.
Thank you for your attention.

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