This page is for CGC competitions. If I've missed any please send details to
 Third Sunday Competitions 2015 
  • 18th January Americas Match
  • 15th February Bench Rest
  • 15th March Steel Challenge .22, Pistol,Under lever
  • 19th April Stick Cutting
  • 17th May Black Powder revolver and 50m muzzle loading rifle
  • 21st June Mini Rifle followed by Practical Pistol.
  • 19th July Action Shotgun.
  • 16th August Action Underlever. Pistol calibre only
  • 20th September 3 position rimfire, followed by police pistol.
  • 18th October Down the line, Shotgun. AM Over & Under PM Side by Side
  • 15th November Hunter.
  • 20th December Huns Head.