Bisley report for Sunday 26 August 2007 

The sun came out and so did the shooters, by mid morning a grand total of fifteen person's male/female and a couple of wheelies, both male.

I am proud to say everyone helped out especially getting the wheel chairs over wet ground some 200 yds from the car park.

Shooters travelled from as far a field as Weymouth, so what happened to the keen shooters from Portsmouth?

So folks on the 16th September there will be a proper shoot.

A Competition.

2 Classes only
Big guns with big scopes.
Big guns with iron sights.

The competition will be 5mins for sighters.

10 shots to count @ 300yds.
10 shots to count @ 600yds
There will be some bloody great big trophies.
1St @ 300yds
1st @ 600yds
2nd & 3rd will receive slightly smaller trophies. A bigger trophy if someone is lucky enough to win the aggregate !

Oh yes...
No bench rests no stock pods.
Slings / Bipods can be used.
And if you think you are that good you can shoot unsupported

So folks can you please contact me if you are serious about coming along, if there are hundreds [lol] then I will have to try to book another lane. Just remember it costs 64 per lane for the day and it is the clubs i.e. your money if you don't turn up.

Hope to see you there

Geoff Hermsen

A straggly thin haired old ****