Bisley report for Sunday26 July 2007 

Ken Freemantle
Alan Cummings
Dave Isaacs
Parkstone Alan
Geoff Hermsen

The day dawned with threatening clouds scudding across the heavens, but determined not to be put off, seeing as this was to be the first shoot for CGC members of any distance since the closure of the East Holme range, Dave and Alan arrived at my abode at the prearranged time of 0700 and deposited their kit in the jam jar and off we set wiling away the journey time by putting the world to rights and in what seemed a very quick journey time we arrived at Bisley along with the sunshine. We were rapidly booked in and on the 300yd point by 0830 after coffee and the obligatory latrine visit as we waited for the rest of the shooters to arrive 0900 came and I thought nuts to this and with one in the butts and one shooting we were away, Alan Cummings turned up, big hooray another shooter. The weather was steadily improving when Ken Freemantle turned up meaning a butts relief was able to be taken. With only two shooters on the point we had to slow it down a bit or we would run out of ammunition before the 600 yd afternoon session began.

So a good morning shoot was had by all, I say all as there was only me the RCO in charge two other RCO's one full member and a guest from Parkstone Gun Club in attendance this was to remain the total for the day.

Between 5 shooters over 500 rounds of various calibres were fired during the course of the day at 300 /600yds, some went as far as Lightwater [Rambo with his Buffalo gun] Ken was shooting so called v bulls, 6" groups @ 600yds, so it was decided that a true v bull was the v itself.

Alan Cummings did it @300 but Ken was The Boy @ 600 one of his shots was awarded four red v blocks so we can now refer to him as a 4 star Para.

Poor old Dave had a good time @300 but @ 600-it's the wind, the ammo, the sights ---but kept on smiling and did now and again make it into the black.

As for Alan Cummings with his 300 win mag it got boring watching v bulls @ 300, the gun for the job! To help with the recoil a carfully placed rolled up hat under his vest did the trick, he offered Parkstone Alan a go "he forgot to give him the recoil pad" you can smile a little but Parkstone Alan didn't!

So a good day was had by all and we were off the range and on our way home by 1700

So dear readers where the **** were you! With East Holme out of action, I went out on a limb to cater for the moaning ***** who have said we haven't got any long range shooting.

Do not come to me and moan, the Dates for the Bisley shoots and relevant info are posted on the website/ forum and at the hill, if you do moan or make any excuses then watch out for a reply from yours truly A straggly thin haired old ****. If you dare.

  • The next Bisley dates Sunday 26th August --Sunday 16th September
  • 300/600 yds
  • I will be there, will you?

Penned by the inimitable Mr G Hermsen
A straggly thin haired old ****