action shooting
Action Shooting
Saturday afternoons 50m range 1pm - Dusk

Action means shooting and movement against the clock and is great fun. A course of fire will include 2-4 stages of varying lengths where every stage is unique and as such presents its own specific set of challenges to the shooter, for example changes of shooting positions / location, moving targets, and restricted loading space etc.

The four sections are:
  • 1st Saturdays - Pistol (long barrelled .22 / long barrelled revolvers), RO Mike Jones
  • 2nd Saturdays - Shotgun (section 1 shotguns), RO Jeff Colbert
  • 3rd Saturdays - .22 Mini Rifle (semi-autos), RO Mike Jones
  • 4th Saturdays - Underlever (pistol calibre lever action rifles), RO Harry Durdle

We start setting up at 12:30 pm, it is advisable to bring a good pair of gloves for this, and then shoot until around 5pm, day light permitting. Please come along and join us if you would like to try something a bit different and you can expect to be given full guidance and support.